Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Profitable Time

The last two weeks have been very profitable times for me personally, although not very active on the deputation side of things. I spent June 2-7 at the Wilds for a conference with my mission agency, Gospel Fellowship Association. It was a week of helpful workshops, encouraging messages, and enjoyable fellowship. I especially enjoyed hanging out with some other New Guinea missionaries, one on furlough, two short termers, and one on deputation.

When I left the Wilds, I intended to head to Wisconsin for a meeting in La Crosse. First, I was detoured due to the flooding in Indiana. Then, the flooding and mud slides in Wisconsin led me to cancel the meeting all together. I hope to reschedule it for later this summer.

This week I have been home for a change:-) My home church had special meetings with John Van Gelderen. It is the second week of meetings that he has had here since I began attending, and the Lord really used his messages to open my eyes further to some of the truths of His Word.

Tonight after church, I will be heading over to Camp Assurance, a small Christian camp in Eastern Illinois. I will be serving there as camp nurse and general utility person for several weeks this summer, while still doing some deputation meetings on the weekends. I'm excited to be a part of that ministry for a short time.