Monday, May 16, 2011

Events and Projects

It's always a little harder to find things to write about when I'm home in the States, since I'm not busy in a foreign country with things that will sound different and unusual when I share them with you. That's not to say that I've not been busy though. I've had several projects going on that have kept me out of trouble.:-)

First, a week after I arrived I travelled to another state to help a friend prepare for her wedding. That was a fun time of reconnecting as well as a little hectic in dealing with all the last minute details. At the last minute, she didn't have a videographer, so I ended up doing my amateur best (thanks to the experience gained in the Philippines videoing events at BJMBC). Then, since I had all the footage from two cameras, I spent a good bit of time editing and splicing to create a complete wedding video as well as a combination video/picture slideshow to be shown at a later reception. A lot of work, but a lot of fun as well.

I also have been working at the local office of Gospel Fellowship Association, my mission agency. They recently had a major computer software change that left behind a lot of hiccups to be worked out, so I have been helping to resolve a few of those.

In addition, the wonders of modern technology means that I have been able to continue doing some work for the Philippines ministry from across the globe. I am continuing to lay out music for an upcoming concert, send electronic newsletters, and other projects for New Song Ministries.

In the meantime, my nephew graduated from high school May 5th. (Can't believe he's eighteen already! Where does the time go?)

With those things behind me, I am concentrating on preparing to return to the Philippines in a couple of weeks. On May 25, I am speaking at a church here in Greenville, SC. Then the next week is GFA's annual conference. The following Tuesday, June 7, I fly out.

I'm excited to see the time approaching. There is still much to be done before I leave, for which I would appreciate your prayers, but I'm ready to be back.