Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I finally have some news to report for a change. As you know, I am unable to return to Papua New Guinea at present due to paperwork issues. I have submitted my application for a work permit renewal. When that is granted, I can then apply for a new visa but the whole process will probably take several months. Although I have enjoyed being home and catching up with family and friends, I did not really want to spend those months of waiting sitting in U.S., so I approached GFA (my mission agency) about the possibility of helping out short term on another field.

The opportunity that has arisen is in the Philippines. There are a group of GFA missionaries there who have an exciting ministry underway. One part of that ministry is Bob Jones Memorial Bible College which trains national men and women to serve in churches in the Philippines and throughout Southeast Asia. Another part is New Song Ministry which is working to provide biblical music to churches throughout the Philippines. It looks as if I will have the privilege of assisting in both of these ministries.

As things stand now, I will be leaving after Christmas and ministering in the Philippines until the end of their school year in early April. I am excited about this new opportunity and ask for your prayers as I prepare to go.